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Relentless Strikeforce Bell Boots by Cactus

  • $ 2895
  • Save $ 14

This superior bell boot combines new technology with savvy design to provide serious overreach protection.  In addition to the toughest strike plate, cutting edge materials are incorporated to reduce rebound, the tendency for boots to jump up when they hit the ground.  A wider cuff works in tandem with the no-turn bulb to reduce rotation.

  • Tough, double layered foam overreach panel combined with kevlar absorbs and deflects impact.
  • An additional layer of revolutionary "dead foam" has been added to the interior sidewall to protect against crossover injuries and reduces rebound.
  • New dead Kevlar/Armortex reinforced bottom binding reduces rebound.
  • New angles on tough hook and loop closures follow the actual contour of the boot and hoof for the perfect placement
  • Taller, wider cuff at top improves protection and grips hair better than traditional bell boots to maintain proper positioning
  • No-turn bulb prevents rotation. 

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