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Weaver Air Flex Cinch

Weaver Air Flex Cinch

  • $ 5595

* Made in the USA

AirFlex Cinch with Flat Buckle from Weaver Leather – a cinch for maximum equine comfort. A combination of white, cool flex foam and airflow channels offer the perfect combination of breathability, comfort and performance. The Air Flex Cinch features white cool flex foam that won't absorb heat like traditional black neoprene, keeping horses cool. State-of-the-art, molded airflow channels prevent heat from being trapped, helping maximize air circulation and comfort. Dependable material does not stretch, allowing the cinch to be looser while maintaining stability. Padded flex edges move with the horse for extra cushioning where needed – perfect for spinning, cutting a cow, rounding a barrel and more! Equal-pull design provides equal pressure across the entire cinch to keep the saddle snug and maximize comfort. Plus they're easy to clean – simply hose off at the end of each ride for quick maintenance. Feature black, poly top and stainless steel hardware.  Patented. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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