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Assurance Feed

Assurance feed is a “Brand Alliance Partner” of Kentucky Equine Research (KER). KER insures that all Assurance products are formulated with the most recent advances in equine nutrition. Among recent advances are the inclusion of chelated minerals, natural vitamin E and ingredients high in omega 3 fatty acids. Among the benefits of these enhancements are: Chelated minerals - Chelating certain trace minerals increases the digestibility up to 80%-200% Natural vitamin E (d alpha tocopherol) vs. synthetic vitamin E (dl alpha tocopherol) - Increases the absorption rate by 180% - Improves the immune system - Provides body-wide antioxidants - Helps prevent cell membrane damage - Aids in the reduction of sore and stiff muscles after exercise - Increases passive transfer of antibodies from mare to foal Omega 3 fatty acids - Decreases inflammation response - Decreases osteoarthritis - Decreases exercise-induced bronchial restriction - Produces higher & healthier sperm count in stallions - Improves the foal’s immune system - Improves bone formation

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