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Dutton Short Shank Twisted Wire Dogbone CCL-82

Dutton Short Shank Twisted Wire Dogbone CCL-82

  • $ 9995

  •  Dutton Bits
  • Twisted Dogbone Snaffle Mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece breaks in 2 places
  • 1-3/4in Copper Wrapped Dogbone creates salivation
  • This CCL Short Shank design has a 2 1/4" purchase, 3 1/4" Shank and a 6" cheek
  • This shank makes this a more mild leverage bit
  • CCL-82

The Dutton 82 Twisted Wire Dog bone mouthpiece is one of Dutton's most useable bits. The three piece mouth allows perfect communication between your hands and the direct rein. The copper wrapped dog bone creates salivation so that the twist is easier to accept. The mouthpiece is 3/8" x 5" and is curved to match the contours of the horse’s mouth. Handmade out of sweet iron with copper inlay dog bone with twisted bars. Well balanced, making it more comfortable for the horse to carry. The swept back short shank is a mild shank great for younger horses or a pleasure to ride on your finished horses.

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