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Spurrs Big Fix Antiseptic Spray

Spurrs Big Fix Antiseptic Spray

  • $ 2795

Spurr’s Big Fix is a conditioning Antiseptic Spray for Horse and Livestock Skin Care!

Rain Rot? Spurr’s Big Fix Antiseptic Spray is very effective for treating Rain Rot as shown in the progression pictures below. See what a difference after only two weeks of using the product.

Itchy Skin? / Bug Bites? / Skin Allergies?
Spurr’s Big Fix’s conditioning formula soothes inflamed skin quickly while the medication goes to work killing fungus and bacteria.  You’ll notice a marked improvement in your horses skin condition after even the first application.  Rely on Spurr’s Big Fix on a variety of skin fungus,

Ideal for regrowing hair, mane and tails, too!  Spray liberally over affected area daily and see new hair growth appear in days.  Use weekly as a preventative

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